WWII Veteran George Lewis — Occupied Germany

Rubble and destruction in Germany were everywhere the fall of 1945, and George Lewis saw it up close. He was a corporal and squad leader with the 3458th Quartermaster Truck Company in charge of about 11 big trucks (part of a convoy) and was “in charge of teaching men how to drive them.” His mission was to help repair the infrastructure after all the destruction to Germany during WWII. He remembers an especially arduous 14-day, 140-mile trek from Bamberg to Munich. Most of the railroads had been destroyed and travel was extremely slow in the months after the war.

George Sellers Lewis had attended high school in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, but only made it through 11th grade. In 1944 when he was 18, he met Lee Ester Yates at church. They soon married and their first child, George Lee Lewis, was born on May 26, 1945. Unfortunately, the young father received his draft notice and was inducted into the Army on August 20, 1945. He was sent for basic training to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri and additional training in Cheyenne, Wyoming; then on to South Carolina where he and his company were shipped out to Germany aboard the U.S.S. Sea Devil. Ester and baby George stayed with her mother.