“Hard to turn off the Switch”

Eugene Roberts had seen the worst of war. He spent the last few months of WWII in the Pacific. One of hundreds of young men plucked from American cities and farms, he was sent half way around the world to help bring an end to the Japanese reign of terror. It was not going to be easy and many young men would lose their lives. The war in Europe was over. The Pacific war was not. It took three more months of close combat, often hand to hand, from island to island before the Japanese surrendered. One American soldier put it best, “You can surround thousands of Germans and they would surrender, but surround one Japanese, and he will keep fighting.”

The Early Years

Eugene was born July 10, 1924 in Mt. Pleasant, Texas to Silas and Delia Roberts. Silas was a farmer and Delia was a homemaker. He had five brothers and two sisters. Two of his brothers served in the Army during WWII. He graduated Mt. Pleasant High School in

the spring of 1943.