Follow Your Dreams – Veteran George Bradley

“They put a sack over my head and marched me to a cell. That was a scary moment.” While he was not really captured by the enemy, for Sergeant George Bradley, it sure felt like it. He was taking survival training at Fairfield Air Force Base 12 miles southwest of Spokane, Washington. George would attend numerous training courses during his 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, but none as tough and terrifying as the survival training at Fairfield. He would also learn survival training for both land and water. Later in his career, he would attend NCO (Non-commissioned Officer) Leadership School at March Air Force Base, California.

George was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in January 1946, the first born of four children. He was raised by his Grandfather and Grandmother and said he had “a good childhood.” His Grandfather Charles “worked doing dry wall and house painting.” His Grandmother Ethel was “a domestic worker and rental property owner.” He said the movie “The Help” reminded him of his Grandmother. His Grandfather did maintenance and general labor work. While George had a “good childhood”, growing up in the Deep South, he was also aware of the segregation at the time. He mentioned “separate beaches, bathroom, water fountains, diners and sitting in the back of the bus.” He recalls going to kindergarten and grade school that was “right across from our house”. He noted that “on rainy days, I had no excuse not to go to school.”