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Who is Eligible?

  • Top priority: WWII and Korean War Veterans in the State of Texas.

  • Any veteran with a terminal illness who wishes to visit their memorial.

  • Korean War and Vietnam era veterans ​


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Top priority is given to America’s most senior heroes – survivors of World War II in the State of Texas and any veteran with a terminal illness who wishes to visit their memorial.

General Information

A To share a room with another eligible veteran, simply submit your applications together and mention your preference.

A Memorable Adventure Awaits:

  • This is a three-day two-night trip. You will be rooming with another Veteran or assigned guardian depending on any special medical issues we notice on your application. All Veterans will have someone to room with overnight and no one will be staying alone due to safety concerns and accountability.

  • If you require a wheelchair and need to access the bus lift, please indicate this need on the application.

Rest Assured, You're in Good Hands:

  • Your well-being is our top priority. Medical staff and licensed EMS personnel will be onboard and available throughout the trip.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to honor our veterans and create lasting memories in Washington D.C.! Apply today and be a part of this unique June flight

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Application Information



Alongside Our Heroes:

Family and friends, one generation removed, are invited to step forward as Lubbock guardians, offering familiar faces and unwavering support on this three-day, two-night adventure. It's more than just a reunion; it's a chance to become an indispensable pillar for your loved one as they experience America's heartland in a deeply personal way.

Guardians: The Backbone of the Flight:

Your role as a guardian is crucial - you'll be supporting the veterans and staff in all aspects of the trip. This includes:

  • Physical assistance: Guardians should be capable of moving 20+ lbs and walking unassisted, as they may need to help push veterans in wheelchairs throughout the day.

  • Emotional support: Be a patient listener, offer encouragement, and help ensure your veteran feels comfortable and cared for throughout the journey.

  • Logistics and navigation: Assist with meals, wheelchair access, navigating crowds,and other logistical needs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your veteran.

Training and Teamwork:

We provide pre-flight training to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely use wheelchairs, assist your veteran, and understand your role within the larger support team. Experienced volunteer guardians and dedicated medical staff will be present throughout the trip, collaborating to ensure the well-being of all veterans.

Rooming Arrangements:

Please let us know if you have a family member or friend on the flight and whether you prefer to room together. We'll do our best to accommodate your request. If you're paired with another ambulatory guardian, your primary focus will be supporting your assigned veteran, although cooperation and mutual assistance within the guardian team are always encouraged.

Join us in this powerful mission. By becoming a Lubbock guardian, you'll not only witness the transformative impact of this journey on your loved one, but also become an integral part of the Texas South Plains Honor Flight family. It's an opportunity to give back, connect, and create lasting memories while ensuring our veterans receive the support they deserve every step of the way.

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