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Veteran Application

                    Veterans and Guardians 

Here you can apply for the Honor Flight either digitally by submitting the electronic form below, or by printing off and sending the completed application to

P.O. Box 97487 Lubbock Texas 79491


If you do not hear back from us for some time please do not be alarmed, Mid-year we will start holding medical screenings and you will most likely not hear from us until then if you are not selected your application will stay on file until you are selected for the trip. 

The non-veteran Guardian fee is $1500 and the Veteran Guardian fee is $750. 

Veterans who have gone on the flight as an Honored Veteran are not eligible to go again as a guardian. 




Your role on this trip is to support the veterans and staff in all aspects of the trip.


Guardians must be capable of moving 20+lbs and able to walk unassisted, often pushing veterans in wheelchairs throughout the day. We will provide training before the flight so that you will better understand your role on the flight, how to safely use the wheelchairs, and assist your veterans. You are the backbone of the flight, and you will be expected to work during the flight.

If you have a family member or friend going on the flight and do/ do not wish to room with them please let us know and we will attempt to make accomidations.

IF you are going on the flight with a family member know that there is a chance you will have another guardian that is ambulatory, You will not be asked to room with them, but you will be asked to help assist them through the duration of the flight. 



Downloadable Veteran Application

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