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Your role on this trip is to support the veterans and staff in all aspects of the trip.


Guardians must be capable of moving 50+lbs and able to walk unassisted, often pushing veterans in wheelchairs throughout the day. We will provide training before the flight so that you will better understand your role on the flight, how to safely use the wheelchairs, and assist your veterans. You are the backbone of the flight, and you will be expected to work during the flight.

If you have a family member going on the flight and do/ do not wish to room with them, please let us know.

If you are going on the flight with a family member, know that there is a chance you will have another veteran who is ambulatory. You will not be asked to room with them, but you will be asked to help assist them through the duration of the flight. 

The non-veteran Guardian fee is $1500, and the Veteran Guardian fee is $750. 

Veterans who have gone on the flight as Honored veterans are not eligible to go again as guardians. 



What is a Guaridan

A guardian, in the context of the Honor Flight program, is a dedicated volunteer who selflessly accompanies and supports our honored veterans during their journey to visit memorials in Washington, D.C. Guardians play a vital role in ensuring the well-being and comfort of the veterans throughout the trip. They provide companionship, assistance, and a sense of security to the veterans, ensuring that their experience is meaningful, memorable, and enjoyable. With compassion, respect, and a deep appreciation for our veterans' service, guardians embody the spirit of honor and gratitude that defines the Honor Flight program. They create lasting bonds and forge cherished memories while honoring those who have served our nation with distinction."

Guardian Disclaimer

As an unaccompanied guardian on the Honor Flight, please be aware that your participation is contingent upon the number of veterans selected for the trip. While we strive to accommodate all guardians who register, in some cases, due to limited availability or unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to remove unaccompanied guardians from the flight if a greater number of veterans are chosen to participate. Please understand that our primary focus is to ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of our honored veterans during their visit to the memorials.

To prioritize the veterans' experience, preference is given to guardians who are family members of the veteran. We recognize the deep bonds and meaningful connections shared between veterans and their families, and we seek to honor and strengthen those ties during the journey. However, we appreciate the willingness of all guardians to contribute their time and support to this noble cause.

Should the need arise to remove unaccompanied guardians, we will make every effort to notify affected individuals as soon as possible and explore alternative arrangements if feasible. We sincerely thank you for your commitment to honoring our veterans and for your understanding and support in this matter. Together, we can create a memorable and meaningful experience for those who have served our nation with distinction."

Downloadable Guardian Application

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