SSgt Edward Ward – “If You’re Not Scared, You’re Lying”

Ed said these were words to live by during combat duty in WWII. He had numerous close calls during his time in France and Germany. He “hit the front lines on Armistice Day, November 11th 1944 on the Siegfried Line.” Here are a few examples of the “close calls” that Ward encountered: It wasn’t long after he entered the war zone that he was shot at by a sniper whose bullet hit the tree next to him. Another time, after being pinned down by a sniper, he “jumped into a nearby fox hole, and as he was sliding down in the hole, he nearly set off a land mine.” Once during a patrol through some woods carrying his BAR (Browning automatic rifle), he “caught something out of the corner of his eye, and it was a German holding a burp gun on him.” Ward simply said “nichts” (nothing) in German and motioned for the German to lay down his weapon. Ed found himself with a prisoner. Then there was another time, also in woods, German 88 artillery rained overhead and hit a tree right above him. He “was hit by splinters, (got a) concussion and hit the hot dirt”. Miraculously, while Ed saw a lot of dead and