Living Intentionally

Opal Roberts knows the importance of apparel. She remembers a uniform she wore that was made of “extremely high maintenance fabric”. While serving in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) her distinctive military attire was very thin and took much time and effort to wash, starch and iron. To keep herself looking crisp, she would force herself to stand during the bus ride to work and wouldn’t sit down until lunch.

She was raised in Slaton, Texas, the daughter of C.D. and Elsie Willis. Opal was the youngest of eight children, and it seemed appropriate for her to follow her father and four brothers into serving her country. Her eyes sparkled as she explained her motive for joining the service, “I went in to finish what they started.”

The regimented lifestyle and discipline was a good fit for young Opal at Ft. McClellan, Alabama. She remembered the only drawback was homesickness. “A lot of us cried at night in the beginning, and each night we girls sang 'The Lord's Prayer' for comfort. Being busy helped, and the Army kept us very busy."