Following His Brothers

Truett Tyler grew up on a farm near O’Donnell, Texas, and the youngest of four brothers. One of his brothers died in 1932 at age 7. Truett graduated early from O’Donnell High School at age 16. He watched both of his older brothers go off to war. One day, while hoeing weeds, his dad suddenly asked him if he would like to go to college and offered to pay his way for one year.

He started Texas Tech in the fall of 1942, but attended for only one year. Truett followed his brothers’ example and enlisted in the Army Air Corps in April, 1944 in Lubbock. He was sent to Amarillo Air Base for basic training. The young man had dreamed of flying ever since a childhood experience on a carnival ride shaped like an airplane. However, by the time he was ready for flight school training, the demand for bomber pilots had declined, and he became part of a flight crew that worked on small trainer planes.

He was sent for additional training to Stockton, California, then was transferred to Carlsbad Army Air Base which was a bomber training school. His assignment was to score bomb hits by the trainees. He was then transferred to Lowry Field near Denver, Colorado. He was doing clerical work and reported that he “obtained the speed of 60 mistakes a minute”. In s