Bill Northcut –Citizen Soldier

Bio: Born: 2-18-1933 in Emory, TX. Married Billie Frances Northcut June 1952. Children: Melinda, Brenda and William.

Bill Northcut graduated high school in June, 1950. He was drafted into the Army on February 5th, 1953. He noted that approximately 36,000 men were drafted during this month which was the largest call since WWII. From the Korean War’s outbreak in June 1950 until the armistice agreement in July 1953, 1.5 million men were inducted and another 1.3 million volunteered.

Bill took his basic training at Ft. Bliss near El Paso, Texas. At the end of basic training, he and many of his buddies were afraid they would be sent to Korea. Out of 225 in his training detachment, 175 were sent to the 246th Field Artillery Unit on the main post. The unit was deactivated after the war in the Pacific was over in September 1945 and was reactivated during the Korean War. Bill said that his unit “spent quite a bit of time in the field shooting off missiles called ‘corporals’ The MGM-5 corporal was the first guided weapon to carry a nuclear warhead and had a range of 75 miles.