Alvira Agee: "I Can Do That"

After a visit with 90-year-old Alvira Agee, it’s easy to see that she could do anything she put her mind to. Alvira developed a “can do” attitude beginning with her childhood on a farm that “raised kids and wheat”.

During WWII she recalls collecting scrap iron to donate to the war effort. She said “after President Roosevelt called it a ‘day of infamy’, it was a scary time in our country. Everyone was trying to do their part.”

After high school, Alvira became a Registered Nurse. In 1951 she wanted to “do more” for her country. Going against the conventional wisdom of the time, she joined the U.S. Air Force. She thought “I can do that” and besides, “I wanted to see the world.” After enlisting as a 2nd Lieutenant, she was “put right to work in a hospital at Larson Air Force base in WA.”