Naval Postmaster wins “Best Beard Growing Contest”

Gordon Hambright served in the Navy from 1951-1955 as a Teleman, 3rd Class USN-1. “There was not one time I was ever afraid” while in the military, not even while serving in the Privil of Islands during the 3.5 day long typhoon which spanned twelve miles in diameter. Navy Veteran Gordon Hambright describes the violent weather event he witnessed at 20 years old and the eye of the storm as lasting a peaceful 8 hours. He said he remained calm aboard the USS Electra AKA-4 and was involved in communications monitoring the tropical monsoon. After the storm, with no docks constructed in the area, it took the Navy an entire year to load and unload supplies in landing boats. His free time included watching fur bearing seal herds.

The former farmer from Floydada, TX, born in February 1932 to William and Ethel Hambright, participated in 4-H, tennis, basketball, softball and bowling before he graduated in 1949 from high school, then worked at the post office. He joined the Navy in 1951 and his first impression of San Diego was “crowded”. He went to Teleman School where he learned teletype skills and how to be a movie operator. He served in Guam for 2 years at the Naval Hospital where he replaced a postmaster that had committed suicide because he did not adjust to living on the island.