2019 Honor Flight SEP 15-16-17

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We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit dedicated to taking WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans on a 3 day Trip to Washington D.C. to view the monuments built in their honor

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We would love to come speak at an event to raise awareness of the Honor Flight

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Please fill out the online application or print off and complete the applicable application and mail in to us

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Upon joining the military you signed a check up to and including your life for the defense of our country, even if you did not see combat or deploy you qualify to go on this trip


We meet the 1st and 3rd monday of the month at the Message church 5502 Auburn St. at 6:00 PM 


We are funded entirely by donations and would love your help in making this trip a possibility for these so deserving heroes


We would love to have your company or organization sponsor us.

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I was honored to be selected to go on the 2018 Texas South Plains Honor Flight.  What a thrill!!!


I have never come home from a trip so completely mentally and physically drained.  From the time we left Lubbock until we got back we were constantly on the move.


Even though we had veterans from all branches of services we were all brothers who tried to do the same job: PROTECT OUR FREEDOM.


After much thought, I would be hard pressed to say there was one thing on the trip that was better or impressed me more than anything else; however, the Vietnam Wall and the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were both extremely impressive.


The trip, like my military service, is something I would do again in a heartbeat.


Thank you South Plains Honor Flight for letting me experience the trip of a lifetime.

—  J. Sherman, USN

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P.O. Box 94787

Lubbock, Texas 79493


T- 806-790-4635

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