Q: What is the Honor Flight?
The Texas South Plains Honor Flight is a 501(c)3 non-profit all volunteer committee that sponsors WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans on a 3 day, all expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C to visit the war memorials erected in their honor and to pay tribute to their brothers and sisters in arms.
Q: What can I do to get involved?
We are always in need of volunteers to help with our various fundraisers through the year and would love to see you at our monthly meetings. Visit the “Volunteers” page at http://texassouthplainshonorflight.org or navigate to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SouthPlainsHonorFlight/
Q: What can we expect on the flight?
We typically visit the WWII, Korean and Vietnam memorials, and many of the service specific memorials such as the Marine Corps, Air force and Navy sites. We also attend the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. Other venues include the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Space Center, the Marine Corps museum, the Navy Museum at the Navy Yard and a visit to the Capitol.
Q: How much does it cost? Who pays for the trip?
All expenses are paid for our Honor Flight veterans. Honor Flights are funded by donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other groups who wish to be part of honoring these heroes and recognize the need to get our veterans to see their memorial before it is too late. Guardians that are not Veterans pay $1,300 each for the honor of escorting a veteran to Washington D. C.
Q: I did not serve in combat operations, am I eligible?
Yes. You answered the call. Your assignment was honorable and in service to your country.
Q: How do I get an application?
Veteran and Guardian applications can be downloaded from our website. Mail to:
TSPHF P.O. Box 94787 Lubbock, Texas 79493 with a picture copy of a photo ID.
Q: How are Veterans chosen?
Preference is given to WWII veterans followed by Korean and Vietnam.
Q: Can spouses also go on the trip?
We are unable to accommodate spouses unless they are themselves eligible veterans. Guardians are required to be one generation removed from the veteran.
Q: Do veterans need to supply their own guardian?
No. Honor Flight provides Guardians for each veteran. Family members may submit guardian applications requesting to fly with a specific veteran.
Q: When and where do I pay my $1,300 guardian fee?
Guardian fees are due once a guardian has been notified they are selected for the Flight. Pay fees by check or Credit Card.
Q: When will we know who has been chosen for the trip?
The Honor Flights are historically in late September to early October. Notifications are made approximately 30 days before the trip.
Q: What happens if I am not chosen for this Flight?
Our mission is to take as many veterans as possible to visit the memorials built in their honor. if you are not chosen for the flight your application will be kept on file for subsequent flights so you do not have to resubmit an application each year.
Q: Can a family member meet the Flight in D.C.
Yes. With preplanning and reviewed on a case-by-case basis, family members join us as Guardians and participate in the care of the Veterans.
Q: How do I get to the airport on flight day?
The Pre-Flight Briefing the night before the trip will provide that information.
Q: What form of identification is required to get through security at the airport?
Every person going on the flight must have some form of government-issued photo identification to get through security. Common types of photo ID are, Driver license, DMV issued ID, passport or military ID.
Q: What will happen if I need a wheelchair?
A number of our veterans require wheelchairs and our deluxe motor coaches will have a wheelchair lift. We provide a wheelchair for all of our veterans.
Q: When do Memory Books come out? Can I purchase more memory books for my family?
Veterans and Guardians receive a free Memory Book by mail in early December. Family members may buy books at the Pre-Flight Briefing/sendoff the night before the Honor Flight.
Q: How can my family keep in touch during the flight?
At many of our memorials, we will live stream the wreath laying ceremony. The live stream will be on
We will attempt to give updates before we go “live”. If cell service does not allow us to stream directly, we will upload videos as soon as possible.

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